You Might Be More Prone to Cavities
On March 23, 2017 / By Zöe Dental

You brush and floss daily and don’t snack on sugary treats, yet you’ve had your fair share of cavities. Your friend, on the other hand, is... [MORE]

The Top 10 Reasons for Tooth Pain
On March 16, 2017 / By Zöe Dental

Tooth pain can range from mild and fleeting to throbbing and constant but the mechanism behind what you’re feeling is often the same: the nerves in ... [MORE]

You Have Options for Replacing a Lost Tooth
On March 9, 2017 / By Zöe Dental

If you’re missing a tooth, you’ve got several options. The least advisable is to do nothing! It’s not just about aesthetics…Replacing a lost t... [MORE]

It’s Easy (and Smart) to Fix a Chipped Tooth
On March 2, 2017 / By Zöe Dental

A chipped tooth makes an impression — but not necessarily a good one! Case in point:  Jim Carrey’s dopey character Lloyd Christmas in the comic f... [MORE]

Art Meets Science in Crowns and Bridgework
On February 23, 2017 / By Zöe Dental

Skilled portrait painters make their subjects’ teeth look real by utilizing a careful blend of form, color and brushwork. Dentists may use a dif... [MORE]

Sugar-Free Soda And Snacks Are Likely Hurting Your Teeth (Sorry)
On February 9, 2017 / By Zöe Dental

Scrapping added sugars from your diet can benefit your health and decrease your risk for obesity, but swapping them for calorie-free, artificially swe... [MORE]

No Smoke, But Plenty of Fire: How Do E-Cigarettes Affect Oral Health?
On January 26, 2017 / By Zöe Dental

Question: I was never really a smoker, but I’ve used an e-cigarette for about two years, although I hardly put any nicotine in it these days. (Drop... [MORE]

Periodontal Disease And Cardiovascular Disease
On January 19, 2017 / By Zöe Dental

Cardiovascular disease affects the heart and/or blood vessels. More than 50 million Americans experience cardiovascular problems and cardiovascular di... [MORE]

What Is a Dental Implant?
On January 12, 2017 / By Zöe Dental

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is surgically anchored into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth or bridge in place. The benefit of ... [MORE]

What Is Dental Anxiety And Phobia?
On December 22, 2016 / By Zöe Dental

Some people don’t look forward to dental appointments any more than they look forward to visits to a physician. Most dental procedures aren̵... [MORE]

Good Dental Care At Any Age
On December 15, 2016 / By Zöe Dental

Caring for your teeth is a lifelong commitment, but the more you can do to help your kids maintain proper dental habits the more you can instill good ... [MORE]

6 Tricks for Teaching Your Kids Better Dental Habits
On November 24, 2016 / By Zöe Dental

Rather than pass on your fear of the dentist to your kids, teach them these important dental health habits instead. Scared of the dentist? You could b... [MORE]

Tooth Loss Associated With Higher Risk for Heart Disease
On November 17, 2016 / By Zöe Dental

Reason for link between teeth, gums and heart health is still unclear, researcher says. For adults, losing teeth is bad enough, but tooth loss is also... [MORE]

Why Do We Have Wisdom Teeth?
On November 10, 2016 / By Zöe Dental

The last teeth to develop can cause havoc for the rest of your healthy mouth. Yet there’s growing controversy about whether we really need to ha... [MORE]

To Mouthwash or Not to Mouthwash?
On November 3, 2016 / By Zöe Dental

Mouthwash makers say the benefits of oral rinse go beyond just kissable breath — but some people worry that alcohol-containing rinses come with a nu... [MORE]

How Dental Bonding Can Alter the Look and Feel of Your Teeth
On October 27, 2016 / By Zöe Dental

Dental bonding can be an economical solution for stained, broken, or chipped teeth and other minor cosmetic dentistry issues. Have a chipped, broken, ... [MORE]

Crown Lengthening for a Prettier Smile
On October 20, 2016 / By Zöe Dental

Crown lengthening can minimize the amount of gum that’s viewable in your smile and can make teeth look longer. But it’s surgery, so consid... [MORE]

Medication Side Effects and Your Oral Health
On October 13, 2016 / By Zöe Dental

Many medications can cause bothersome oral side effects, such as dry mouth, altered taste, and swollen and tender gums. Learn how to cope. Many medica... [MORE]

Energy and Sports Drinks Eat Away at Teeth
On October 6, 2016 / By Zöe Dental

But beverage industry disputes the claim, saying many factors contribute to enamel erosion. WEDNESDAY, May 2, 2012 (HealthDay News) — Sports and ene... [MORE]

The Tooth-Friendly Diet
On September 29, 2016 / By Zöe Dental

Try these foods to help build strong teeth and healthy gums What you eat affects your mouth not only by building healthier teeth and gums, but also by... [MORE]

10 Biggest Causes of Tooth Sensitivity
On September 22, 2016 / By Zöe Dental

Are your teeth tender? From acidic foods to certain toothpastes, a number of culprits could be to blame. Does eating frozen yogurt make you say “ouc... [MORE]

Dental Health at Any Age
On September 15, 2016 / By Zöe Dental

Keeping your mouth healthy throughout life Awareness of the oral-health conditions you are likely to face at different stages of life can help you sta... [MORE]

Achy Jaw a Sign of TMJ?
On September 8, 2016 / By Zöe Dental

Temporomandibular joint and muscle disorders, commonly called TMJ disorders, are a group of conditions that cause pain and dysfunction in the jaw join... [MORE]

7 Steps to a Better Smile
On September 1, 2016 / By Zöe Dental

Wish you had close-to-perfect pearly whites? (Who doesn’t!) Then make all seven of these dental-health musts a part of your daily routine. It... [MORE]

Toothpaste 101
On August 25, 2016 / By Zöe Dental

Brushing your teeth is the cornerstone of good oral health. Learn about the different types of toothpaste and how to select one that’s right for... [MORE]

Top 5 Embarrassing Oral Health Problems…Solved!
On August 18, 2016 / By Zöe Dental

Stinky breath, unsightly mouth sores, and tooth decay: We’ve got a solution for all of your dental-health dilemmas. The best way to keep your mo... [MORE]

Getting to the Root of Bad Breath
On August 11, 2016 / By Zöe Dental

Good dental hygiene should help you clear up a bad case of halitosis. But what’s causing your stinky breath in the first place? If you’re ... [MORE]

Dentists Play Key Role in Detecting Oral Cancer
On August 4, 2016 / By Zöe Dental

Ask for screening as part of your general checkup, experts say. Not only do regular dental exams help keep your teeth and gums healthy, they can help ... [MORE]

7 Nighttime Tips for Improving Your Oral Health
On July 28, 2016 / By Zöe Dental

A lot can happen to your mouth in eight hours — especially when you’re sleeping and bacteria are gathering on your teeth. But don’t let ... [MORE]

A Guide to Nighttime Oral Care
On July 21, 2016 / By Zöe Dental

Keeping your teeth strong, your gums healthy, and your smile bright is not just a day job; your mouth needs protection at night too. Donna L. Zak, D.D... [MORE]

Oral Hygiene and Your Overall Health
On July 14, 2016 / By Zöe Dental

Poor oral health has been linked to heart disease, stroke, and other health problems. But by changing certain habits, you can improve the health of yo... [MORE]

Are You Brushing Your Teeth the Wrong Way?
On July 7, 2016 / By Zöe Dental

Brushing your teeth may seem simple, but a variety of problems are tied to incorrect brushing technique. Check out these top mistakes and get tips to ... [MORE]

Healthy Teeth, Healthy Heart?
On June 30, 2016 / By Zöe Dental

Experts say that your oral health could clue you in to the condition of your heart — so listen up! Here’s what you should know about the links... [MORE]

7 Steps to a Better Smile
On June 23, 2016 / By Zöe Dental

Wish you had close-to-perfect pearly whites? (Who doesn’t!) Then make all seven of these dental-health musts a part of your daily routine. It... [MORE]

A Guide to Flossing Your Teeth
On June 16, 2016 / By Zöe Dental

Brushing your teeth is not enough to maintain good oral health over time. Flossing should be a regular part of your oral hygiene routine. Cleaning the... [MORE]

Maintaining Good Dental Care Habits
On June 9, 2016 / By Zöe Dental

Your dentist is only a partner in your dental health. You need to do your part at home to keep periodontal disease at bay. Taking care of your teeth a... [MORE]

Q&A: Some Surprising Facts About Gum Disease
On June 2, 2016 / By Zöe Dental

Q. I’ve heard that cavities are the main cause of tooth loss in American adults. Did I hear right? A. Actually, in adults older than 35, more te... [MORE]

Options for Fixing a Chipped Tooth
On March 24, 2016 / By Zöe Dental

Dental procedures in Asheville can whiten your teeth to dazzling perfection. Your dentist can fill your cavities and eliminate any decay. But a chippe... [MORE]

Calcium — What Is the Right Amount for Healthy Teeth?
On March 17, 2016 / By Zöe Dental

Dental cleanings aren’t enough to keep your teeth healthy. Thanks to the dairy industry and their ads for milk, everyone knows that calcium is a vit... [MORE]

Caring for Your Teeth as You Age
On March 10, 2016 / By Zöe Dental

Caring for Your Teeth as You Age It’s not true that losing your teeth when you get old is inevitable. Good Asheville dental care is one way to ensur... [MORE]

5 Surprising Foods That Are Bad for Your Teeth
On March 3, 2016 / By Zöe Dental

Listen to a top Asheville dentist: it’s not just sugar that rots your teeth. While candy and soda can lead to cavities and gum disease, other foods ... [MORE]

The “Cheers” Effect
On February 25, 2016 / By Zöe Dental

A dental practice where everyone knows your name When you come into Zöe Dental for dental procedures in Asheville, don’t be surprised when the rece... [MORE]

The Value of Having Two Dentists in One Office
On February 18, 2016 / By Zöe Dental

Two top Asheville dentists mean more coverage, longer hours and better support. Remember the old saying, “Two heads are better than one?” The sent... [MORE]

When Are Dentures the Best Solution?
On February 4, 2016 / By Zöe Dental

An Asheville dentist shares the real deal on false teeth. If you are missing teeth, you have a number of replacement options. Any Asheville dentist wo... [MORE]

How Long Do Fillings Last?
On January 28, 2016 / By Zöe Dental

How Long Do Fillings Last? A top Asheville dentist answers this elusive question. Face it: cavities are no fun. You’ll do anything to stop the pain ... [MORE]

Home Whitening Kits vs. Professional Services
On January 12, 2016 / By Zöe Dental

Teeth whitening in Asheville can be both pain-free and amazingly effective. Whiter teeth are recognized as a sign of health and beauty in today’s cu... [MORE]

Dental Care During Pregnancy
On January 7, 2016 / By Zöe Dental

Dental procedures in Asheville help ensure a healthy baby. When you’re pregnant, you know you have to stay as healthy as possible so your new baby g... [MORE]

7 Signs You May Have Gum Disease
On December 31, 2015 / By Zöe Dental

One of the most common adult diseases also is one of the most preventable. Your Asheville dentist tells you to schedule a visit every six months. You ... [MORE]

The Importance of Regular Dental Check-Ups
On December 17, 2015 / By Zöe Dental

Preventive care can save you money (and pain). No one likes to get cavities! Dental cleanings and check-ups every six months play a significant role i... [MORE]

Zoe Dental Year in Review
On December 10, 2015 / By Zöe Dental

A top Asheville dentist looks back on a year of keeping the community healthy. December always provides an opportunity to look back on the past year a... [MORE]

Sugar and Your Teeth
On December 10, 2015 / By Zöe Dental

Most people have heard the warning: sugar will rot your teeth! With all the advances in dental care over the past several decades, you may wonder whet... [MORE]

Correlation Between Periodontal Disease and Cardiovascular Disease
On December 3, 2015 / By Zöe Dental

Your mouth is connected to your heart; treat both with care. Periodontal disease affects your gums, which can cause tooth loss. Cardiovascular disease... [MORE]

What Does Your Smile Say About You?
On November 19, 2015 / By Zöe Dental

“Smile and the world smiles with you.” — author Stanley Gordon West Ever notice that when you leave the office after your dental cleanings, you ... [MORE]

10 Ways to Prevent Bad Breath
On November 5, 2015 / By Zöe Dental

An Asheville dentist shares a few tips to keep it fresh. Halitosis, more commonly referred to as “bad breath,” can be a real social buzz-kill. So ... [MORE]

Does Vaping Harm Your Teeth?
On October 29, 2015 / By Zöe Dental

While it’s too early to tell for sure, vaping has its pros and cons. To either combat a smoking addiction or as an entirely new activity, many peopl... [MORE]

Smoking: The Real Deal
On October 22, 2015 / By Zöe Dental

Quitting is the only chance you have of possibly preventing oral diseases. Your favorite dentist in Asheville wants to see you quit smoking just as mu... [MORE]

Your Diet & Your Teeth
On October 8, 2015 / By Zöe Dental

The best and worst foods to eat — a message from your teeth Your teeth silently endure all manner of insult. Gummy bears? Please don’t. Soda? Why ... [MORE]

How to Spot & Prevent Gum Disease
On October 1, 2015 / By Zöe Dental

According to a recent study by the Centers for Disease Control, almost half of all American adults (more than 47 percent) suffer from some form of gum... [MORE]

How to Floss Correctly
On September 24, 2015 / By Zöe Dental

To avoid painful dental cleanings, floss once a day. Using dental floss properly, working it between your teeth, takes just a minute out of your day. ... [MORE]

Your Child’s First Trip to the Dentist
On September 17, 2015 / By Zöe Dental

Once your child cuts his first tooth, you should start dental hygiene at home — brushing and eventually, once the teeth touch, flossing. Even though... [MORE]

7 Questions to Ask Your Dentist on Your First Visit
On September 10, 2015 / By Zöe Dental

It used to be that you would visit a dentist only when you had a toothache. Modern dental science has taught that regular checkups and cleanings to re... [MORE]

Does Red Wine Stain Your Teeth?
On August 27, 2015 / By Zöe Dental

Although Asheville is known for its beer, many adults throughout Western North Carolina have been known to enjoy a glass of red wine now and then. But... [MORE]

5 Socially Acceptable Ways to Clean Your Teeth During the Day
On August 20, 2015 / By Zöe Dental

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends dental cleanings twice a year. No problem; you’re on board with that. The ADA also recommends that ... [MORE]

The Benefits and Dangers of Gas as a Painkiller
On August 13, 2015 / By Zöe Dental

For those patients who either are afraid of needles or do not react well to Novocain, your Asheville dentist can offer you an alternative besides goin... [MORE]

Cosmetics to Enhance Your Teeth’s Whiteness
On August 6, 2015 / By Zöe Dental

If you feel your career needs a boost or if you want more confidence in your social life, you may turn to teeth whitening in Asheville. It’s an incr... [MORE]

What a Dentist Says About Mouthwash
On July 30, 2015 / By Zöe Dental

Your Asheville dentist wants you to stay healthy. People use mouthwash for a variety of reasons. For some, it’s part of their morning ritual. Others... [MORE]

Genetics and Your Teeth
On July 23, 2015 / By Zöe Dental

Good Asheville dental care is an important adjunct to heredity. Some people floss and brush regularly and still wind up with cavities, while others wh... [MORE]

Looking Out for Gingivitis
On July 16, 2015 / By Zöe Dental

Just one of the many benefits you receive from regular visits to your Asheville dentist is that we always check for signs of gingivitis. A common peri... [MORE]

Our Dental Savings Plan
On July 9, 2015 / By Zöe Dental

Having dental procedures in Asheville without dental insurance is challenging for many people. When the choice is between the necessities and health c... [MORE]

10 Ways to Relax in Your Asheville Dentist’s Chair
On July 2, 2015 / By Zöe Dental

For many, the anticipation of the dental drill — just the sound of it — is enough to clench your eyes shut and squirm. But the pain you believe yo... [MORE]

To Numb or Not to Numb
On June 24, 2015 / By Zöe Dental

A dentist in Asheville helps needle-phobic patients Some of our dental patients are not only afraid of needles, they also have anxiety about the numbi... [MORE]

The Anatomy of a Healthy Smile
On June 18, 2015 / By Zöe Dental

According to a top Asheville dentist Your smile speaks volumes before you even say a word. With the corners of your mouth turned up and your teeth bar... [MORE]

Taking Care of Your Gums
On June 11, 2015 / By Zöe Dental

We all take our mouths for granted. We eat, talk and breathe — although hopefully not all at the same time — through our mouths. If you care for y... [MORE]

Oral Sedation for Patients with Anxiety
On June 8, 2015 / By Zöe Dental

Dental cleanings for those who fear dentists. Most people fear something. Spiders, public speaking, needles, dark alleys… the list is as long as the... [MORE]

The Safety & Benefits of Dental X-Rays
On May 21, 2015 / By Zöe Dental

Dental X-rays, or radiographs, are used as a diagnostic tool. X-rays allow top Asheville dentists like us to look beneath the surface so we can examin... [MORE]

8 Foods to Avoid for Healthy Teeth
On May 7, 2015 / By Zöe Dental

Brushing, flossing and keeping your biannual cleaning appointments help you maintain your dental health, but what you eat and drink also contribute si... [MORE]

Whitening: How Much Is Too Much?
On April 30, 2015 / By Zöe Dental

It’s entirely possible to get too much of a good thing, especially when it comes to teeth whitening in Asheville. When taken to an extreme, bright w... [MORE]

Welcome to Our Blog!
On April 23, 2015 / By Zöe Dental

When it comes to caring for your teeth, gums and mouth, not all Asheville dentists are the same, even if they offer the same services. So here at Zöe... [MORE]