We Believe in Giving Back

We love being a part of this community — Dr. Stamatiades is an Asheville native, and he and his team understand the concept of paying it forward. We give back with time, skills, and financial resources.

Some ways we help include:


Dentistry From The Heart (DFTH) is a worldwide nonprofit organization dedicated to providing free dental care to those in need. We open our office for a free day of dental care annually to help people in the Asheville area.

We partner with Eblen Charities to provide dental sealants for eblen_charities-logosecond graders across Buncombe County. Why? Because that’s when children get permanent molars. Protecting those teeth by sealing them helps children                          have a 70% chance of no cavities, even into their 20’s.


Dental Lifeline Network. When disabled, elderly, or medically-compromised people need dental work, we donate our services through this charitable organization affiliated with the American Dental Association. The services are provided to those who cannot afford treatment or those who do not                                 qualify for public aid.

We have also provided time and monetary donations to many other wonderful nonprofits in the area, including the annual Ingles and Eblen Tools for Schools drive and Boy and Girl Scout programs. We do this with gratitude, hoping we make some small difference in the community we love.