phoneGet your young, beautiful smile back.

  • Zöe Dental offers strong new or replacement crowns that match your teeth
  • In-house CEREC process lets us design beautiful porcelain crowns
  • Crowns prevent teeth fracture and loss

Crowns are the treatment of choice to restore or repair teeth fractures, teeth with large decay areas, or teeth that have experienced root canals. Prior to placing the crown, the tooth is cleaned thoroughly to eliminate decay and is also reduced in size to assure a good fit.

Made of porcelain or metal, a crown covers the entire tooth; this allows you to chew food properly and prevents further fracture or eventual tooth loss.

Zöe Dental offers two options for crowns. You can use our in-house lab that uses a CEREC process, or we can use outside dental labs. Each option has benefits. The CEREC ® machine is basically a computer that allows us to design and create your porcelain crown in the office. These crowns are strong and natural looking as they are the same color as your teeth.

Many patients ask us about replacement crowns, and we are happy to provide those. We know that anything man made eventually breaks down, and when your crowns begin to fail we can replace them with the latest materials for a pleasing cosmetic appearance.

When you need a new or replacement crown, we will select the process that meets your needs and provide you with a long-lasting product that looks great.