Periodontal Health

mint-smilingStop periodontal disease before it begins!

  • Poor periodontal health increases risk for stroke and more
  • We offer PerioProtect™ trays to treat gum disease at home
  • Poor periodontal health increases risk for stroke and more

Poor periodontal health may lead to increased risk of stroke, heart disease, uncontrolled diabetes, respiratory infections and osteopenia. If you have periodontal issues, it’s critical to get treatment.

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CX03187_Peristat PosterIf you have a history of gingivitis, our all-natural Gum and Tooth Tonic™ helps treat bleeding gums or gingivitis to prevent gum disease.

PerioProtect™ trays are custom made for you so you can treat gum disease at home now. Using these trays at home keeps the disease controlled and helps prevent the traditional surgery usually needed to combat the disease. It’s as simple as wearing these trays as little as 15 minutes a day.

We also offer GC Dry Mouth Gel™ for those who suffer from dry mouth due to taking multiple prescription medications, undergoing cancer treatment, or other salivary disorders. This GC Dry Mouth Gel™ helps lubricate your mouth to reduce irritation and make eating enjoyable again.