Traditional and Prepless Veneers

Veneers are thin porcelain shells that that cover the front part of your natural tooth. They can cosmetically correct discolored teeth, chipped or worn teeth, and in some cases make crooked teeth look straight. In most cases, our new technology can make the veneers so thin that no cutting or shaving of the tooth is required. For some cases we must remove old dental work and weak tooth structure to properly place the veneer and get the best cosmetic result

veneers1Prepless Veneers
This technology has improved leaps and bounds over the last few years; we now use Durathin™ Prepless Veneers. We can take a simple impression of your teeth and have our cosmetic dental lab create veneers as thin as your fingernail and directly bond them to your teeth. No drilling and in some cases no shots either.

This technique is best for patients who are happy with the position of their teeth, but would like to have their teeth look whiter and fill in minor chips or gaps. Once bonded in place, these veneers are very strong and look like natural beautiful teeth.

Traditional Veneers
This classic cosmetic technique continues to produce beautiful smiles with long lasting results. It typically requires some work to remove older restorations, weak tooth structure, and really dark tooth structure that cannot be bleached or covered with the prepless veneer technique. We can correct major defects and straighten the look of the teeth for patients that do not want to pursue orthodontics.

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