Managing Dental Stress and Phobias

Let’s face it, going to see the dentist is not at the top of peoples’ lists. Some people are anxious about their visit, which causes considerable stress—you may feel this anxiety before and during your visit. At times it can cause an accelerated heartbeat, shallow breathing, or nervous stomach. Other times your mind races and you may have fearful thoughts such as “this will be very painful,” or “I can’t cope with it.”

About two of every 100 people develop such severe anxiety that it manifests as a phobia. When this happens people avoid dentists completely, which typically leads to negative results to dental health.

Causes and Ways to Manage
What causes dental anxiety? Perhaps you’ve had a bad experience, or received false information. Sometimes it’s simply a personality trait—maybe you are a born worrier. Other times you may experience anxious thinking, fearing that the worst may happen.

There are ways to manage this anxiety and even overcome it. Some ways include receiving accurate, thorough information, a gradual introduction to procedures and instruments, learning anxiety reduction skills, and working to change thinking patterns.

We can help. We’re familiar with these feelings; we see them often in varying degrees. You can be confident we will take the time needed to help you work through them. We can also refer you to counseling using cognitive behavioral therapy. Learn more at this website—

You may also enjoy listening to these audio files to help calm you and reduce anxiety.

Audio Files to Aid in Anxiety Reduction (right click to download, or click to play on the site):