The Zöe Dental Team

At Zöe Dental we strive to provide dentistry at a mastery level by combining the science of oral health with the art of communication.

Zöe means “life” in Greek—when we begin working with you as a patient, we want your first appointment to be the beginning of a lifelong relationship.

Aside from the outstanding care and customer service we strive to provide, we truly want to share in the joys of our patients’ lives. We look forward to hearing about the weddings, graduations, children, travels, etc. However, we also understand that life has its sorrows and, as difficult as they can be, we are here to offer comforting support.

Here at Zöe Dental, we don’t just care for your dental health—our practice is caring about you and sharing life, together.

We depend on you—our patient—to be an integral team member. You know better than anyone how you feel and what you want. It’s our job to listen, make recommendations, and then implement a treatment plan that’s in your best interest.

We are fortunate to have a thriving business in the Asheville community, and we realize that part of living here means giving back. We offer free services and sponsorships to several worthy Asheville organizations.

Curious about our office and environment? Take a virtual tour and see our place.

If you are interested in joining our team, you can complete an application here.