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What’s your definition of a good dental practice?

More than likely, you want an experienced, well-educated dentist, a staff that’s skilled and efficient, and an operation that runs smoothly. You want your appointments to begin on time, you want billing to be simple, and you expect to be treated with respect.

You may also want a dentist who is truly local; Dr. Stamatiades was born and raised in Asheville; he loves this area and dedicates himself to serving patients with care and to giving back to his community.

If these qualities describe your ideal dentist, you should consider Zöe Dental. Our patients tell us we meet and exceed the qualities listed above. That’s because we are passionate about upholding a culture of trust, respect, and compassion among our patients and our team.

We invite you to see what our patients say about us, and take a virtual tour of our place. Then contact us to learn more.

Here’s what our patients think of Zöe Dental.
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Albert McCoubrey
"My continued steadfastness in routinely returning to the dentists's office is a testament to the confidence and trust that I have in and for Dr. Stamatiades and his staff. Thank you." - Albert M"
October 11, 2016
Marlene Moritz
"I never thought that going to the dentist could be so relaxing. Yes, that's what I said, relaxing! The staff and Dr. S are wonderful. I had a paraffin wax treatment and lavender aromatherapy while I had my teeth cleaned. And I can't forget to mention the fresh baked cookies as you check out. The whole experience and the care that patients recieve is always phenomenal!" -Marlene M."
August 31, 2016
Joy Lanette Thomas
"I am very thankful to have found Zoe Dental. The environment is pleasant and the professionalism of my Dentist (Dr. Stamatiades) and the staff are impressive. Not too long ago I had to have an extraction done and of course there was some anxiety! But Dr. Stamatiades did an amazing job with my extraction and I was very pleased. Thank You Zoe Dental staff and a very special thank you to Dr. Stamatiades!" -Joy T."
August 11, 2016
Susan S Jones
"When you go to Zoe you will know that you are working with a team of extraordinary people. The team atmosphere is comforting. You are greeted and served by people who are pleasant and helpful, which for me is a GREAT comfort. You see, when I go to the dentist I suddenly become someone totally different than I usually am because of the anxiety that I feel at the thought of having to be there. Suddenly my mouth, which never stops, cannot find the words to speak. The team at Zoe ask questions to ensure your comfort and understanding of the process necessary to reach treatment goals. They pay attention to you and your responses to know when you are comfortable. Which is good for me since I loose my voice when at the dentist. Kudos to Zoe for the GREAT job you do!!!" -Susan J."
July 18, 2016
Jennifer Rainwater
"This was my first visit to Zoe Dental and I am amazed. If I had any fear of the dentist office, they certainly would have calmed it to a great degree! I've never felt so welcomed or pampered at any medical office. It was like a spa visit, minus the cleaning, of course. The paraffin hand treatment, soft blanket, aroma therapy just to name a few. The hygienist was very professional and thorough. She explained everything she was doing before she did it. The entire staff was friendly and professional. I'm actually looking forward to my next visit!" -Jennifer R."
May 24, 2016
Joseph Danison
"I enjoyed my introduction to Zoe Dental. I've never been to a dentist's office that does more to make a patient feel comfortable. I enjoyed the tour of the premises. I will use the travel cup forever!" - Joseph D."
May 5, 2016
mary ann terrell
"All of the staff at Zoe are wonderful. I had many trips to the dentist as a young child and have always dreaded going as an adult. My experiences at Zoe have been so positive. I've been able to overcome my long-term fear of going to the dentist and have had all of my necessary dental work done and also have beautifully white teeth. Thanks so much to all of the staff. I referred a co-worker to them just today and she already has an appointment scheduled. The office is also very inviting and attractive. - Mary T."
April 14, 2016
Brenda H. Jarrett
"Zoe Dental has provided dental care for me since Dr. Stamatiades began his practice. I could go to a closer dentist and not make the 30 minute drive for my dental care but the drive is worth the experience. The care for my teeth and the professionalism of the staff are outstanding. I recommend anyone, whether you are relocating to the Asheville area or a local, to Zoe Dental for your dental needs." Brenda J."
April 7, 2016
Joyce Wikoff
"I started visiting Dr. Stamatiades when I first came to Asheville. He has a very friendly and confident office staff. I plan to recommend family members who are moving from Texas to Asheville this spring. Happy, happy, happy with my dentist!" - Joyce W."
April 7, 2016
Bill Alley
"I am 71 years old and have been going to the Dentist for MANY years. ZOE dental practice is the BEST care I have EVER received!" - Bill A."
April 7, 2016
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